The Ice Pavillon, at an altitude of 3’500 m, was originally built in 1990 and was completely revamped in spring 2016. 

The main attraction remains the natural glacier itself, which has been formed over long periods of time and which has a marvellously blue hue.

Glimmering ice sculptures carved out of the ancient glacier take the visitor on an unforgettable journey into the magical world of fairies and sagas as well as into the depths of the glacier.

The Glacier Trail provides fascinating information about the glacier and its inhabitants.

The avalanche simulator demonstrates the power of nature in the world of snow and ice.

The main idea of the project is to protect the precarious and fragile ecosystem of the glacier in its present state and to make the public aware of those circumstances.

Therefore only energy-efficient installations and lighting have been installed. Projectors, lasers and holograms did not match the concept.

Immerse yourself into this magical world and let yourself be enchanted.